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Bion Boost


Everyone needs a boost pedal. The Bion Boost is a great one.

Anyone who has used a classic Rangemaster Boost has noted its limitations. Since they're a one-knob Boost, there isn't a lot of tonal variation. The Bion addresses this issue and adds extra control.

The controls are as follows:

Boost: Controls the overall volume of the unit.

Gain: Controls the overall gain of the unit.

Tone: Controls what section of the Overall EQ is being boosted. At full clockwise, only the higher end of the EQ spectrum is being boosted, effectively acting as the more traditional treble booster. As you turn counter-clockwise, the band of boosted is widened, providing a full range Boost. This is extremely useful for smoothing out booming guitars or a balancing out differences in tones if using multiple guitars or gain pedals.

This pedal is best used in a couple applications. One use is to tighten up your tone in front of a gain pedal. This allows you to get very tight distortion tones. Another use is in front of a amp to add some overdrive or break up into a somewhat clean amp. Although these would be the morecommon uses, it can also be used after a gain pedal as a Solo boost.

Like all PLX FX pedals, this pedal is a true bypass, so there is not coloration to your sound when it's turned off. It utilizes a standard 9v 2.1mm power adapter and NO battery snap. It features a laser-etched enclosure, high-quality components and a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. Even if you're not the original owner, feel free to contact me and we should be able to work something out to get the unit up and running.