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Spirytus Distortion


If High gain is your need in a pedal, then the Spirytus Distortion is the only one you will need!

Based off the Ampeg VH140C, this pedal faithfully recreates the preamp section of this now legendary amplifier. Extreme metal bands from the 90's up until today have been using this amp to create some of the most brutal tones ever recorded. This sound is now available in pedal form from PLX FX.

The controls are mostly self-explanatory, and they are as follows;

VOL: Controls the overall volume of the unit. There is a lot of it, so be careful not overload input of your amp.

BASS: Controls the low end of the unit.

TREBLE: Controls the highs of the unit.

MID: Controls the mid-structure of the unit. This is a very sensitive and shaping control. The heart of the type of tone that you get out of the unit. On the original VH140C, it is called "Ultra Mid." This is an accurate description because the unit has an underlying mid-structure, which is tailored to suit by this control. It doesn't really remove or add mids, it just changes the point on the EQ Spectrum, which is being focused on.

GAIN: Controls the overall gain of the unit.

Since this circuit stays as true to the original preamp as possible, it can be used either in front of an amplifier's preamp section, OR plugged directly into a power amp, OR inserted into an amplifier's power section. If used directly into a preamp, use extreme caution with the volume control, since there is plenty of volume on tap.

Have fun experimenting with different settings and make sure you utilize the mid control, which will vary the sound extremely.

Like all PLX FX pedals, this pedal is true bypass, so there is not coloration to your sound when it's turned off. It features a laser etched enclosure, high quality components and a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. Even if you're not the original owner, feel free to contact and we should be able to work something out to get the unit up and running. It utilizes a standard 9v 2.1mm power adapter and NO battery snap